Accessing Legal Services for Those in Need in York County, South Carolina

For those who cannot afford legal services, there are pro bono programs available in York County, South Carolina. These programs provide free legal assistance to eligible low-income residents in a variety of civil matters, such as family, housing, bankruptcy, and estate issues. The University of South Carolina School of Law is dedicated to upholding the ethics of professional obligation to serve the public, particularly those who are not represented or cannot afford legal aid. The South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) is a non-profit organization that offers free legal assistance to those who meet the federal poverty guidelines.

The Pro Bono Program of the South Carolina Bar Association is another private non-profit program that connects local lawyers with those in need of free legal work in civil matters. For more than 30 years, South Carolina law students have been actively engaged in a variety of activities that serve the community. If you qualify for the Pro Bono Program, you will be connected with a volunteer lawyer who can provide you with the legal advice and assistance you need. The mission of the Pro Bono Program is to help South Carolina Law fulfill its academic mission of providing high-quality legal education in the state of Palmetto. To learn more about the Pro Bono Program and how it can help you access legal services, please explore the content of this website.

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