Finding Successful Legal Representation in York County, SC

Are you in need of legal assistance in York County, SC? Stephen Vicari is the right person for the job. A graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, Stephen is dedicated to providing justice to his clients and protecting their rights. He and his wife Jessica, who are from Lexington, South Carolina, enjoy spending time together on Lake Murray and raising their daughter. Stephen is based in the Columbia, SC office and is proud to offer real-time assistance to those who need it. Stephen will listen to your story, answer your questions, and work with you to develop a plan that will help get your life back to normal.

He will fight for your rights regardless of how your injuries occurred. If you are part of a class action lawsuit related to the advance funding you paid for a project, you may be eligible for monetary benefits from the settlement. You can remain a member of the class or opt out of the agreement. If you choose to opt out, you will not be eligible for any benefits provided by the settlement. If you are still a member of the class action lawsuit and it is approved by the court, you will not have to do anything to receive a payment under the settlement.

However, if you want to participate on behalf of a deceased group member, you must provide documentation that proves you are legally authorized to do so. The settlement check can be cashed, deposited, or otherwise negotiated at any bank or financial institution (such as a savings and credit union) that is not a check cashing agency or a money services company. If you can't cash the check at a bank or other financial institution, you can request that a replacement check be issued without the check cashing language. If you are looking for personalized legal services in York County, SC, Finkel Law Firm LLC is an excellent choice. The attorneys at Finkel Law Firm LLC are experienced in handling cases similar to yours and have been successful in past cases.

They will provide an honest evaluation of your case and explain your rights in detail.

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