What Types of Cases Do York County South Carolina Lawyers Handle?

Lawyers in York County, South Carolina are experienced in handling cases heard by common cause courts. These cases involve challenging the legal representation provided by the defense lawyer in the trial. Depending on the location of the charge, the type of criminal charges, the level of the crime (misdemeanor or felony), and the stage of the process, the complexity of the case can vary. Apart from criminal cases, North Carolina lawyers in Charlotte NC also specialize in other areas such as personal injury law and divorce.

Chris Beddow from Powers Law Firm PA is the only lawyer licensed to practice law in South Carolina. If both spouses are domiciled in South Carolina at the time of filing for divorce, then South Carolina will not recognize a divorce granted by another state. It is important to understand what evidence and testimony is accepted by the court according to South Carolina law. If both spouses are residents of South Carolina, they must have lived in the state for a minimum of three months before filing for divorce. State prosecutors in North Carolina and South Carolina criminal courts are well-trained and experienced in representing the state's interests in public safety and law enforcement. They can also help with speeding tickets that could suspend a North Carolina or South Carolina driver's license.

In addition, state courts in Palmetto have representation for felonies and misdemeanors in criminal proceedings in South Carolina. Felonies typically last a little over a year, but statutes define them; most crimes can be traced back to the legal code sections of South Carolina law. If only one spouse is a resident of South Carolina, they must have lived in the state for at least one year before filing for divorce. This helps friends, family, and clients when they live in places other than North Carolina or South Carolina. This applies whether because of an alleged violation of South Carolina criminal law or because of an arrest in North Carolina.

Chris Beddow has also been co-president of the NCSCCLE or of the North and South Carolina continuing legal education program.

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